7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex

Covid-19 has put a major stop to our plans this year. A lot of us probably had plans of travelling, going to parties, celebrating birthdays, spending time at the beach but that has not really happened because of Ms. Rona. Covid-19 not only stopped our plans for the year but also put a stop to many of our sex lives leaving us all with blue balls and holes itching to be pounded. You’ve probably been masturbating A LOT but that doesn’t beat having hot sex with someone. If you cannot have actual sex with some because of Covid-19 there is always the option of cam sex. If you want to have hot cam sex with someone, here are our tips!

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay  Michael Boston

Do it With Someone You Trust

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

You want to have cam sex with someone you trust. Cam sex is fun and sexy but you also wouldn’t want screenshots or a video of you being leaked on the internet. You do not want your nudes leaked without your consent or knowledge. 

Treat It Like a Date .... or Hookup

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

Just like any other date or hookup its best that you plan ahead. Pick a time of the day when you’re free and you do not have to worry about any interruptions or cutting the session off short. If you live with a roommate or family it’d be best to pick a time where no one is home or everyone is asleep so you can talk dirty and moan all you want. 

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

Don’t forget to wear your sexiest underwear!

Know Your Angles

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

Before you get on cam it is best if you know how you’re going to set up your camera and what angle will be best. Turn on your camera and figure it out! Just try and remember what angle your nudes look best in. 

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

Be Fully Charged!

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

Be prepared and be fully charged! We mean have your phone or laptop fully charged because nothing kills the mood more than “Wait, let me get a charger” when things are heating up. It’s also the worst when your device dies when and you miss his cumshot. 

No Distractions

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

We repeat that you should treat cam sex like a date or a hookup. It’s a big fuck you if you’re jerking off for someone and they are busy checking their e-mails or replying to a work group chat. Stay away from distractions and give the other person your full attention. 


7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

Cam sex can be feel embarrassing or nerve wracking when it is your first time. That’s OK! All you have to do is communicate. Start talking about what turns you on and then imagine and fantasize what the two of you would do to each other if you were in the same room and tell them how horny they’re making you feel. Touch yourself as if he was touching you. Jerk your cock like you were pounding them and finger your hole like you were getting fucked.

Bring Out The Toys

7 Tips for Hot Cam Sex Gay

If you are into dom play bring out the toys! Make him wear the nipple clamps and make him tug and pull on it to intensify the pain and pleasure. If fingers aren’t enough bring out your dildos and anal beads to finally satisfy the pounding that you’ve been begging for.

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