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Delivery & Shipment

Where is my package?

How to track my package? (US & Canada)

How to track my package sent by DHL E-Commerce?

USPS tracking shows delivered, but there is no package in my mailbox?

My tracking shows delivered, but there is no package in my mailbox?

How do i change the address where the package is shipped to?

How to request a shipping address change?

How much does it cost for international (outside of US or Canada) shipping and how long does it take?

How much does shipping cost and how long does the delivery take?

How much does shipping cost to ship in US and Canada and how long does it take?

How does 2- Day delivery work?

What carrier does JJ Malibu use for 2-Day Express?

How fast will I get my package if I select 2-Day Express delivery?

Import Tax and Duties

AM I going to be charged import tax and duties?

What happens if I refuse the package when it's delivered to me because I don't want to pay tax and duties?

Orders and Payment

I need to make changes to my order. What should I do?

How do I know If my orders Is shipped?

I think I ordered the wrong size. Can I change the size?

Payment and transaction

What can I use to pay for my order?

What currency do is charged for my order and why?

There is an option to change the currency displayed on your website. Does it mean I can choose a different currency for the transaction?

Why am I charged a foreign transaction fee on my payment?

What does it mean when the transaction didn't go through because zip code doesn't match?

Why is there a charge showing on my card when the transaction was declined?

Discount codes and Promotions

Where do I enter discount code, coupon code or gift card?

How come the discount code is not working?

Returns and Exchange

What can I return or exchange?

Items eligible for return or exchange

What Items are not eligible for return or exchange?